Jeff and Steph

I’m Steph, I’m the social media manager for The Tired Paws Foundation. I create content and blog posts for social media and the TP website. 

I worked in the Prison Service for 10 years and have always admired the dog handlers and the work they do with their four-legged (cute af) colleagues. 

I first met Jeffery in 2011, when I started working at HMP Exeter and instantly fell in love with him. I loved everything about him: His sloppy kisses, his garbage breath, the fact he left half of his gorgeous golden coat all over my work trousers after a single boop, even the fact he was a total menace with an “I’ll do what I want” attitude. 

I told Jeff’s handler, Simon, that I’d love to adopt Jeff when he is due to retire and I will always remember what Simon said back to me…. 

“Jeffery is the biggest a**ehole, he doesn’t have any recall, he bin dips and his breath stinks. But if you know all of this and you’re still serious about adopting him, then that’s fine”.

I mean, Simon was absolutely right. Jeff was a total a**ehole, but nonetheless, I retired him on 10th June 2019 and I never looked back.

I went through some of the most challenging times in my life, with Jeff by my side. He kept me sane. He brought me nothing but joy. His goofy smile, the fact he would pilfer your food right from your plate, without batting an eyelid and his endless love for a tennis ball. He genuinely was everything to me.

Jeff sadly lost his battle with cancer on 29th May 2020, which shattered the hearts of many, but especially mine. 

Retiring an ex Prison Service dog is life-changing and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is able to.