My name is Ozzie, I am now 13 years old and happily retired.
I joined the prison service due to being an unwanted pet. My handler felt sorry for me so agreed to help rehome me and let me live with her until I found my new home. Anyway, I didn’t like being left at home, so she took me to work one day and to make it official we did some training. And who would have known, I was actually really good, so we went on our passive training course and passed with flying colours… and that, as they say, is history!
We worked together for 5 years at HMP Nottingham until I retired when I was 7 but I couldn’t settle to a pet’s life. However, my groomer always had a soft spot for me so when asked if I could retire with her, she jumped at the chance. I now live on a farm with my little brother, Sputnik and I go to work every day with my mum. I still see my handler all the time and occasionally go for sleep overs with her.
I really do have the best life! Lots of love from Ozzie x